Titans run a very lawful society. They do not like to show overt aggression towards their fellow Creature unless they are within the area of an Arena; a building designed and built just so that Titans can air their grievances with each other.

Their visit to Earth influenced the mythology of many great civilisations such as the Greeks. Titans are humanoid creatures which have exceeded our growth considerably; the smallest on Human record is 7’ 8’’. Their skin tone is slightly greyer than Human’s. The leading body of the Titans are the Elder Gods, who told those they met with on their visit about their civilisation and were seen as deities.

Titans do not have any subspecies like Demons or Dragons; they merely have different beliefs between each Titan.

Strength is seen as the key area for Titans, hence why an argument is normally resolved in an Arena.
Technology is a matter which has evaded the Titan race. They do however have the strength and fortitude to create astounding home worlds with architecture that is unmatched.


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