2025: The Earth begins to show signs that it is beginning to be unable to support all of the Humans that live in it.

2029: Mars Colony is set up
Earth Rejuvenation projects get underway

2030: Mars Base takes hold and more people move there
Earth begins to re-stabilise

2035: The Mars base builds a military base on the other side to the colony side

2038: Humans split between Earth and Mars
Rivalry begins to form, but nothing dangerous

2040: The CEF (Coalition of Earth’s Forces) is established to hold order
Underground on Mars, the Intelligence Bureau is set up to research advanced technology

2045: Light speed travel is achieved.

2048: 3 Colony vessels are sent away to what became known as Alpha Zone; Infamous, Courage and Inspiration.

2050: The first Frigate class is created
Made for show mostly

2075: First CEF Destroyer is launched.
It was three times the size of a Frigate and was used as a flagship

2080: Tensions fray as Rebels split from the CEF

2081: Rebel force takes over the CEF Frigate Rendered.
CEF immediately put down the Frigate.
The group call themselves The Rebels.

2082: CEF uncover hundreds of undercover officers

2085: The Rebels continue to attack CEF vessels leading to a thorough search of the system

2089: After four years of searching and repelling attacks the CEF find a secret base on Titan.

2090: Base on Titan is destroyed and pushes Titan off its orbit.
On the edge of the system, a ship appears which is twice as big as a Destroyer.
First Contact: Dragons
Dragons reveal FTL travel and give it to Humans, which is immediately taken in by IB.

2091: First human ship with FTL engines is built.
Travel to Alpha Zone now takes a fraction of the time and trade is established between Earth and Mars, and Somnium.

2092: Dragons reveal the locations of the other species that are space worthy in the universe: Demons, Reptilians, and Titans.
They also reveal the Distrantians; a developing species created of three fleshy blobs which are connected by reinforced tubes.
Humans travel to Purgatory, Enclave, Host and Olympus to meet the other races and Conclave.
They also reveal the locations of the four Dark zones

2098: After 6 years of peace with three planets, Humans begin to plan for expansion.
FTL drives become cheaper and much more effective.

2099: Expansion fleets are sent out into sectors where human inhabitation would be possible.

2100: Ten new colonies are set up to welcome in the new Century: Corpus, Electro, Heracles, Fortus, Caspian, Lupus, Mancunnia, Alexandria, Gamma and Pannera.

2100: Rebels split into two groups; The Rebels and the Peace Walkers.

2101: Human race begins to enjoy times of great prosperity.

2106: Spar is set up; an entire planet dedicated to a day-out

2110: One group of Rebels attempt to kill a dragon for it’s scales and succeed.
The Dragons launch a fight against the select groups.
A new group of Rebels split off from The Rebels claiming that the Rebels had been set up by IB; Crimson Suns.

2112: Human expansion gets underway as Conclave give the Human race more expansion rights. This is due to twenty years of being in the Conclave.
They are also asked to join the Congress of Species.
This begins a three year long study and testing span of the Human race.

2113: As part of the study, Humans expand further with three new colonies; Faraday, Artemis and Typhoon.
Conflicts with the Crimson Suns escalate and humans respond.

2114: Humans are put in charge of official actions that the Congress would normally have to sort out.

2115: Humans pas all the tests and join the Congress of Species.
Thusly they gain unrestricted access to history, navigation data and technology that the Conclave has. They also share their entire tech with the Conclave.

2117: Humans begin to expand into their zone more.

2118: Humans now control 112 Colonies in 96 systems.
They are granted control of searching Dark Zone 1

2119: Exploratory Mission; Hermes IV goes into Dark Zone 1
No contact from the group.
A large fleet is gathered to search for the exploratory mission but the CEF Bludgeon Iceberg crashed into CEF Carrier Titanic.
Fleet turns to fight off rebel assault and have to postpone the search.

2125: Rebel attacks cause the Dark Zone to become a thought at the back of the CEF’s to-do list.

2143: CEF fight the Rebels and are leave the Dark Zones alone.
IB takes over the exploration of Dark Zone 1

2152: First official contact with the Scaleen.
The two groups destroy each other and very few survivors are left alive at the end.
Conclave tries to help with the attack, but they arrive too late.

2153: Scaleen attacks become very in frequent and internal issues begin to rise up again.

2156: Large fleet goes missing near the Omega System.
The Rebels claim to be behind it causing a very thorough search of the area to begin.

2160: CEF begins to gain a serious upper-hand in the internal war.
Rebels begin to thin out. Three new planets are found and one asteroid belt. All were destroyed.

2164: CEF return their gaze to the Dark Zone 1
Scaleen return to Human sectors and battles begin again.

2166: First ground engagement with Scaleen shows that they posses teleportation technology.
IB show an advanced knowledge of the Scaleen movements.

2168: A Scaleen world is found by an IB Stalker and a CEF fleet is sent to attack it.
After a arduous battle, the planet is taken by the CEF with Captain Plumber showing a supreme understanding of tactics.
IB release a new type of bullet called the AS (Anti-Scale) bullets.

2170: Humans lose their first Colony to the Scaleen: Endronomede in the Opticus Seti System.
The Scaleen ‘gassed’ the planet which kills off all living material.

2206: Skirmishes continue with the Scaleen with losses on both sides.
Humans lose planets and are pushed back towards their inner colonies.

2209: Rebel activity becomes more persistent, they show no distinction between CEF and Rebels.

2210: CEF only have 62 planets left in 56 systems.
They have also destroyed 43 Scaleen planets in Dark Zone 1

2212: Scaleen attacks decrease in scale and amount, giving the CEF a chance to reboot.
Rebel attacks remain fairly constant though.

2215: Dragons report Scaleen sightings in their sectors.
Humans attempt to help, but never get there in time.

2225: Scaleen attack Gamma in the Gamma system, to which the CEF respond immediately.
Captain Espion shows supreme tactical skills and begins to make a name for himself.

2229: Attacks by the Scaleen begin again, but the CEF is well prepared and take the fight to the Scaleen.

2239: Captain Espion is given the rank of Admiral after some amazing feats in space whilst attacking a Scaleen planet.

2244: The first NovaEngine is perfected and placed inside a ship of each species.
Six Major AIs are released to assigned posts.

2245: CEF Destroyer* Noble is launched, captained by Admiral Espion.

2249: CEF reduced to 47 planets in 43 systems.


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