Reptilian society does not have many rules that bind its citizens. As such the vast majority of Reptilians’ actions are unpredictable unless you know what they see as ‘in their best interests’. They have a very possession-loving culture. It is not unusual for a Reptilian to collect a trophy from their victims if they ever engage in combat. Incidentally; the combat usually beginning because a Creature stole one of the Reptilians previously captured trophies.

There are a lot of similarities, genetically, between Reptilians and the snakes that inhabit Human planets. There is a lot of conjecture that some Reptilians placed a few of their ancestors on Earth to see if they could evolve to be the dominant species on another planet. But again that’s all conjecture.

Like Titans, Reptilians do not have any subspecies. But on their home planets they have very defined territories; any unauthorised infringement is seen as an act of aggression.

Reptilians have no biological limbs due to their evolutionary path and as such they have had to develop a technological alternative. They use what is known as the Neuro-Sensitive System (NSS) which are metallic arms that pick up on the neurons firing to change them into movements. They can be adapted to a number of uses including weapons, refined hacking tools, medical abilities, etc.


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