Dragons are a very neutral race. They are very calm and keep their emotions deep within. They usually act based on the best interests of their race as a whole, but on the rare occasion have been known to act on impulse. These occasions normally occur when they or someone they know has been harmed, or been tricked. At this point there are merciless.

Dragons have visited Earth at numerous points in the history of the planet, sometimes during the more primitive times, what is known to the humans as the age of the dinosaurs, and sometimes when Humans had claimed the planet as dominant creature. When the Dragons presented themselves to Humans they were always seen as deities, but sometimes the Humans turned against them, causing one of the previously mentioned occurrences.

Dragons are similar to Demons in the respect that their race has a multitude of subspecies that alter the shape and abilities of the dragon. However Dragon subspecies differ in more ways than just their personalities and wing bone structure. The three main types are:

Corcus-Alphanus (Alphas)

They usually act as bureaucrats and leaders of the Dragon representation on the Congress of Species, but it is not unheard of that an Alpha could be a Warrior
Size: 7’2’’-8’22 (d12)
+1 Strength, -1 Dexterity


The smallest Dragon subspecies; Biped.
Predominantly work within the technical areas of the Dragon world, but also known to delve into medical practices
Size: 4’6’’-5’2’’ (d8)


These Dragons are bipedal and have a reinforced domed head.
Predominantly Warriors, but they can also be trained in medical practices.
Size: 5’4’’-6’0’’ (d8)


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