Demons are race which has very humble beginnings in the universe; a simple and unaggressive tradition which they have held since. They are a peaceful race which believes that violence should be the last defence option only.

Their visit to Earth in the first Century was misunderstood by the civilisation that they encountered. Their red skin tone, fierce looking horns and bone tipped wings heralded them as an evil race that would feed upon the souls of those who crossed them.

Demons go through maturity in a very different way to Humans. Their personalities are set from birth based on their genetics. For unexplained reasons the personality type of the Demon matches with the shape of the bone structure in their wings. Their personalities can be listed into five categories:


Wings shaped in an R formation,
Very competitive, most aggressive of the Demon types, take a Lead type
+1 Charisma


Wings shaped in a L formation
Will follow orders without hesitation unless it is immoral
Will avoid encounters in which they are more likely to be a leader
+10% to skill chance when ordered to complete a task


Wings shaped in a K formation
Will always take the side of an argument that is right, but may not be lawful
Extra experience for extremely moral actions


Wings shaped in a P formation
matter what the fight, will defend a friend to the death
+1 Hit when protecting ally


Wings shaped in an A formation
Is the closest group to an average Demon before maturity

When Demons reach 30 years of age, they go through a biological maturity in which their personalities neutralise and the differences between groups become almost infinitesimal. The Demon will also begin a search for his or her Catch Mate; another Demon which they are biologically matched with. Some Catch Pairs take years to find each other, some were friends originally.


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