CEF Ship List

Things have come a very long way since the Space Shuttles in the 20th Century.

Frigate Class

 Developed in 20300
 A small ship designed to be changed from the inside to accommodate differing cargos.
 It is usually customised by the user to the requirements he/she needs.

Colony Ships

 Developed in 2047
 Huge ships which were sent away from the Sol system to settle on the closest planet capable of holding human life; Somnium, Requiem System.
 They are built to maintain humans for extended periods of travel.

Scimitar & Vesper

 Developed in 2056
 Single man attack crafts which were developed to protect travelling frigates from space debris.
 When the Rebel Uprising began, the Vesper was given a second command dock, allowing one man to fly the Vesper whilst the other activates its weapons.
 More recently, these types of ships have been upgraded with highly advanced weaponry; some holding mini KIT missile systems.

Stalker Shuttles

 Developed in 2058
 They were built around the basic model of the Vesper but they had no offensive capabilities.
 Stalkers are used by civilians, but some have been retrofitted by freelancers and the CEF for combat.
 They are easily customised by the owner.

Cruiser Class

 Developed in 2070
 They became widely used by the CEF very quickly, as a show of force in the sector.
 They were not particularily efficient for the CEF though as there were no conflicts that required the level of power that a Cruiser could deal out.
 They were also used for cruises around the sector. Those who wanted to see the outer reaches of the system could book their time on a cruise.
 Now Cruisers are the main bulk of any engagement force.

Destroyer Class

 Developed in 2075
 This was a single ship; CEF Destroyer Premium. It held an extremely superior level of fire power.
 It was used as a flagship and mostly was used for show as there would be no major conflicts for the ship to show it’s use for another six years.

After 2080 the need for ships increased exponentially as the Rebels became a threat to the peace that the CEF was holding. Between then and 2100 there were no advancements in the type of ships that were used by Humans. However, whenever the technology was created; Light speed drives and weapons systems were upgraded.
Then when the Dragons revealed Conclave, FTL drives were installed.

Carrier Class

 Developed in 2106
 The Carrier was a ship which had one major job; to transport massive amounts of ships which did not posses FTL drives equal to its own.
 Its weapons systems left much to be desired, but it could transport thousands of Stalkers, Scimitars and Vespers.

Bludgeon Class

 Developed in 2112
 Bludgeon Class vessels have a reinforced prow which is propelled at extremely high speeds into enemy vessels.
 The hull of a Bludgeon can take an enormous amount of damage before breaking; a key attribute considering the job of the ship class.

Docking Class

 Developed in 2123
 Docks are huge vessels with enough space to transport a few Cruisers if they are damaged and require repairing.
 All Docks have a regiment of Doctors, Surgeons, Technicians and Mechanics who are trained for any issues that a ship may be showing.

Disruptor Class

 Developed in 2171
 This was a ship that was created by scientists at IB.
 The main attribute that this ship held was it’s stealth capabilities. The ship could then approach enemy ships and intercept radio broadcasts. It also has an EMP system built in.

Geyser Class

 Developed in 2172
 A Geyser Vessel is devoted entirely to firepower. The usual layout of a Geyser Vessel holds its Bridge at the top of the ship, leaving the entire front of the ship to be devoted to its weapon components.

After 2172 there were no new ship types; instead the CEF devoted their research time to upgrading the existing technology. The redesigned ships normally increased in size by a half for every new version.
The first ship to receive an upgrade was the Bludgeon Class.
To portray what type of each ship their ships were, a star is placed next to the word to symbolise each upgraded level. However in conversation the originals are the Bludgeon Class Vessels, whilst the next upgrade would be the Bludgeon Mark One Class Vessel, and the second upgraded level would be called the Bludgeon Mark Two Class Vessel, etc.

Bludgeon’ Class

 Developed in 2212
 They were upgraded with thicker and more durable metals for their hull.
 They also received a small missile system to attack the exposed area that they hit.

In 2040, Grayson Nova perfected the NovaEngine. The engine allowed for instantaneous travel between any two points in the galaxy by leaving our dimension and passing into another. The dimension that we travel to has no concept of time; the dimension for it does not exist.
This means that travelling great distances takes the same amount of ‘time’ as travelling a few metres. The new dimension was called Novaspace. Novaspace is mapped onto our universe almost exactly. There are some differences and the range of Novaspace is considerably smaller than that of our Universe.
It is also very unwise, suicidal in fact, to attempt to travel through Novaspace to an unexplored piece of space as we have no idea if Novaspace is mapped onto the area, or where the planets are. So when we rejoin our universe, we run the risk of opening a portal in the centre of a planet and killing all those on board the ship. It is also not known what will happen to the planet.
So new ships needed to be designed that could take the strain of jumping between dimensions. However, this is extremely expensive so the amount of ships with NovaEngine is very limited.

Then in 2241 the scientists at IB created the first batch of Higher AIs. Six survived the process of creation and they were integrated into human culture. However it was not until 2244 when the AIs were released to their posts.

Destroyer’ Class

 Developed in 2245
 Housed a greater electronics system and outer casing to deal with the strains of Novaspace. Their missile systems were also upgraded giving them faster reload speeds.
 Only three were made to begin with due to cost; Pharaoh, Noble and Defiant

Destroyer’’ Class

 Developed in 2245
 Only one was made at this stage; Sanctum.
 It was a prototype and did not actually leave dock for a year after it was completed to ensure it would and could work.

Carrier’ Class

 Developed in 2245
 The Carrier was one of the ships which did not increase in size when it was redeveloped.
 Due to the creation of Docking Vessels, Carrier’s need for transporting ships was hindered so it was redesigned into a weapons platform.

Geyser’ Class

 Developed in 2250
 The weapons were upgraded with experimental laser weaponry. Some blew up when trying to fire, but most worked well enough.

CEF Ship List

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