Welcome to Earth’s Encounters!

Here is where the truths about Human Legends and Myths are exposed.
When the Human race expands towards the stars, they find that the stories that they were told in their childhoods are not the Fabled Legends that they came to believe; they are alien encounters.
Dragons, Demons, Titans and Reptilians reveal their previous impact on Human Culture, and their Conclave of Species.

In 2152 another, previously unencountered species reveals itself to the Human race. The Scaleen are a bloodthirsty race from Dark Zone 1. The conflict continues for over a hundred years, battles between the Conclave and the Scaleen armies occurring erratically, sometimes years passing between encounters.

Now the year is 2252 and the Universe has come under more consistent fire from the Scaleen forces.
Will there be a band of players who pick up the gauntlet?

The Universe give a free roam setting which is interspersed with Linear progression style missions.

Earth's Encounters

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